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Technical expertise applied to the image quality
for medical imaging devices


IRMES Company (MRI Environment and Solutions) is an expert company which:

- Verifies the sites compliance with the environmental specifications defined by the medical imaging systems manufacturers like for instance for MRI systems, Computer Tomographs scanners and Nuclear Medicine Gamma Cameras as well.

- Suggests appropriate solutions according the tests results.


Types of sites audits performed by IRMES Company

– Pro-active audits:

EMI and Vibration tests performed prior to medical imaging system installation
RF attenuation tests of a brand new Faraday cage prior to install the MRI.

– Reactive audits:

EMI (LF/HF) and vibration tests in case of a site having an image quality issue.
Vibro-acoustic tests in case of a high sound pressure level while scanning.
Magnet fringe field check

Tests field

Low frequency Electromagnetic Interferences measures:

– Static ambient magnetic field (DC field) amplitude of change vs time.
– RMS amplitude of the alternative magnetic field (AC field) vs frequency.

Low frequency Vibration measures:

– RMS amplitude of acceleration vs frequency and transients transmitted throughout the building structure.
– Frequency response of the building structure.

Wide frequency bandwidth vibro-acoustic measures:

– To correlate the audible noise emergent spectrum with the vibration emergent spectrum.

Radio Frequency attenuation measures:

-RF signal attenuation level of the Faraday cage used with MRI.


Audit reports Detaille edition as follows:

– The description of places and Plans With Photos Of
– The material used Description
– Conditions Measures
– A summary table
– Publication of graphs recordings Measures
– The conclusion with proposed solutions if need
– A note of calculation if Need


In addition to site tests, to the datas analyzis, to the site audit report publication including advices (like for instance RF cage technology for MRI), to the design of specific solution (like for instance vibration pads), IRMES Company also can :

- Draw preliminary and final lay-out studies for MRI.

- Calculate the pressure drop and the size of the helium vent pipes for supra-conductive magnets.

- Verify and materialize on the floor the isogauss of the magnet fringe field inside and outside the MRI exam rooms.

SFRP congress

We shall attend the SFRP conference about “The biological and sanitary effect of the non-ionizing beams” which will be held in Bordeaux on October 2016.